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Technical Support

IMAP provides technical support via e-mail to users of the IMAP Template (two hours maximum). We provide this technical support to members of IMAP who have purchased the Template. We will make every effort to respond to your questions within 48 hours.

Send questions to:

Click here if you have not yet purchased the IMAP Cataloging Template.

We will answer all your questions concerning the Template and MARC cataloging. We will also answer basic questions concerning FileMaker Pro and Microsoft Access. Questions pertaining to other software or to hardware are generally beyond the scope of IMAP's services.

Find out more about FileMaker the FileMaker Corporate Donations Program or Microsoft Access.

Technical Assistance & Training Program
Cataloging is only one part of an overall plan to care for and preserve an electronic media collection. IMAP is actively seeking funding to expand its Technical Assistance & Training Program to help artists/producers build all of the skills and knowledge needed. We welcome your support.

IMAP's Technical Assistance & Training Program was piloted in 1999 when consultant Jim Hubbard provided assistance to the Kitchen, Paper Tiger Television, and Visual Studies Workshop IMAP may be able to, on a case-by-case basis, assist you on-site with one or more of the following:

  • Installation of the IMAP template at your site
  • Staff training on cataloging using the template (1-3 people per session)
  • Intensive, on-going technical support on-site or via email or telephone
  • Development of an overall preservation plan
  • Consultation on such issues as collection management and storage

Pending funding, these services will be available to non-profit organizations on a 1:1 matching basis with a minimum match of $1,000. For example, you could receive $2,000 worth of assistance for a cost of $1,000. Where the consultant needs to travel to provide the assistance, the organization's contribution will be applied to the cost of travel.

IMAP is interested in developing creative ways to offer technical assistance and training to artist/producers and organizations, and to jointly raise funds for preservation. Contact IMAP at 212-560-7259 or to talk about your ideas. Assistance to for-profit entities and those working on commercial projects may also be provided for a fee.

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