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Cataloging Tutorial


Welcome to the IMAP Cataloging Template Tutorial. This tutorial introduces standardized cataloging practices and explains each of the fields in the IMAP Cataloging Template.

The Template has been continuously updated and refined since its introduction in 1997. Major improvements in 2003 included the introduction of the Microsoft Access version and the inclusion of a MARC to Dublin Core Crosswalk in both versions.

There are two versions of the Tutorial--one for FileMaker Pro users and another for Microsoft Access users. The Tutorial explains every field in the Template step by step, following the order in the Complete Record layout. To make your cataloging easier, the Template includes seven other sample layouts.

We recommend that you follow the Tutorial step by step and then take the Quiz. You can always use the Table of Contents to return to fields in the Template for which you need further clarification.

The IMAP Cataloging Template follows as closely as possible what is known as MARC (MAchine Readable Catologing), the most widely used system for cataloging media. We have modified the system to allow for differences in architecture between mainframe computers (MARC was originally devised in the early 1960s) and FileMaker and Access. We have also changed the names of the fields to correspond to commonly used terms. To see the original MARC names for fields, go to the MARC Record layout in the IMAP Cataloging Template.

Download a PDF of our Quick Reference guide: Filemaker Pro version or Microsoft Access version (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.)


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