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Tutorial - Quiz

Question 01: Titles - Answer


Question 01 - sample videotape
click image for large version

1. What is the Title of this tape?

a. Guggenheim screening 12-1-00 7 pm

b. Collective action

c. [Collective action]

d. Testing the Limits

e. All people w/ AIDS are innocent

The correct answer is "B". Using the time and place of a screening as a title for a compilation tape as in answer a. would be appropriate and useful for a tape apparently made for a particular screening, as long as no other descriptive title is available. Only titles supplied by the cataloger should be enclosed in square brackets. In this case, Collective Action is underlined and can reasonably be assumed to be the intended title. Answers d. and e. are individual pieces on the tape and their titles should be recorded in the "List of Titles on Reel" field.



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