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Tutorial - Quiz

Question 02: Titles


Question 02 - sample videotape
click image for large version

2. What is the Title of this tape?

a. Charlie & cb

b. Charlie & cb July 4th 2002

c. scopOphilic

d. Manhattan Neighborhood Network (Public Access TV)

e. scopOphilic : Charlie & cb

The correct answer is "A". This tape illustrates some of the difficulties of determining the title of a videotape. Unless the cataloger can contact the maker and ask, s/he must try to discern the maker's intentions from what is presented on the box and tape labels. If you have the opportunity to look at the tape, what appears on the screen should be considered definitive. In this case, the screen shot provides important clues, but it is possible to make some decisions based solely on the box label. The first clue is that there is an episode number. We can deduce that this tape is part of a series and, based on the typeface, the graphic on the back of the box and the repitition of the word "scopOphilic," we can conclude that this is the series title. Answer e. conveys that "scopOphilic" is the title and "Charlie & cb" is the subtitle. Manhattan Neighborhood Network sounds like a broadcaster, so we can quickly eliminate answer d. The question remains whether "July 4th 2002" is intended to be part of the title. It would be very difficult to decide judging solely from the box label. The title card offers additional clues. The difference in size between "Charlie & cb" and "july 4th 2002" seems to indicate that the maker intends "Charlie & cb" as the title. "july 4th 2002" might still be a subtitle, but the appearance of the copyright designation between the two would lead to the conclusion that it is not.



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