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Tutorial - Quiz

Question 03: Main Credits


Question 03 - sample videotape
click image for large version

3. What is the Title of this tape?

a. scopOphilic

b. Manhattan Neighborhood Network

c. Charlie & cb

d. CB Cooke

e. cb cooke

The correct answer is "D". scopOphilic is a strange word and it could be construed as a group that made the tape so we have to look further. From information on the labels, Manhattan Neighborhood Network appears to be the broadcaster and not the maker. Charlie & cb could both have made the tape, but the fact that CB Cooke’s name and address are on tape would lead one to think that he was the owner of the tape, if not its maker. Again, one would have to view the tape for a definitive answer. The title card provides that. "cb cooke" appears to be the maker. Does it matter whether we spell it "cb cooke" or "CB Cooke"? In cataloging, we want to be as accurate and consistent as possible. "cb cooke" could be like "ee cummings" and always spell his name in small letters or it could be a design decision on the tape. The fact that the name is spelled with capital letters on the tape box would argue against that. Finally, CB would appear to be initials. Should you add periods? The answer would necesitate further investigation. Has the Library of Congress determined a standard version of this name? If not, is there a standard version used in the media arts field? In the absence of this investigation, d. remains the best answer.



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