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Tutorial - Quiz

Question 07: Description (cont'd)


Semiotics of the Kitchen
View Quicktime Clip of film

(Requires Quicktime plug-in)
Clip from Semiotics of The Kitchen by Martha Rosler, Courtesy of Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI)

7. Which is the best description for this tape?
The Semiotics of the Kitchen by Martha Rossler

a. In a static black & white medium shot, a woman in an apron facing the camera stands in front of a refrigerator and stove and in front of a table full of a variety of utensils. She picks up hamburger press and with a deadpan expression, angrily opens and closes it several times. Next she takes up an ice pick and forcefully jams it into a cutting board several times. All we hear are the sounds of her actions and her voice naming the utensils.

b. A woman in a kitchen picks up a hamburger press, an ice pick and a juicer.

c. Martha Rosler says of her tape, "An anti-Julia Child replaces the domesticated 'meaning' of tools with a lexicon of rage and frustration."

The correct answer is "A". A. is the best description because it gives a clear idea of what the tape looks and sounds like. B. is too succinct and C., although a good elucidation of her intent from the maker herself, does not convey any depiction of the videotape.



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