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Tutorial - Quiz

Question 08: General Note


8. A General Note (500) should not include which of the following:

a. Copyright notice on video: Jonas Mekas ; 1969.

b. Shorter version of work of the same title made in 1993. See tape # xxxx.

c. Note found in tape box: Final edited version. Do not use previous versions.

d. Not to be shown to public until January 1, 2015.

e. Documentation of a performance by Jack Smith that was part of a week long performance/Halloween ritual at the Funnel Experimental Film Theatre, Toronto, Canada, October 1984. The performance, went by 3 titles: "Dance of the Sacred Foundation Application," "Brassieres of Uranus," and "Impacted Croissants from Outer Space."

The correct answer is "D". Information on access to material should be in the field "Restrictions on Access Note (506)." All the other choices contain information for which there are no specialized fields. Choice a. clarifies information that might be contained in (or differ from) the Main Credits or Date of Production fields. Choice e. provides further information on the performance that does not strictly belong in the Description field.



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