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NEWS: With a grant fron NEA, IMAP conducted an online survey in 2007-2008 to determine the scope of institutions holding obsolete video playback equipment. This survey also sought to guage interest in several potential projects in the future, including: an online registry of playback equipment, the creation of a template that could be used to help inventory and catalog such equipment, and a cooperative effort to share parts and expertise. READ THE REPORT


EAI Online Resource Guide for Exhibiting, Collecting & Preserving Media Art:
Structured Glossary from the Technology Assessment Advisory Committee of the Commission on Preservation and Access:
This extensive glossary breaks terms down by document medium, format, properties, content, and condition. It also includes storage terms, specific preservation terms, methodology, and more.
Lexical and Classification Resources from CoOl:
With links to glossaries and thesauri, this CoOl site offers information specific to magnetic media preservation as well as other areas of archival research.
Cataloging Terms from IMAP:
A list of important terms in the compatible Cataloging Project central to IMAP’s mission.
The BAVC Glossary:
A focused and extensive glossary that includes over 100 terms related to video preservation.
The AMIA Glossary:
This glossary is part of AMIA’s Video Preservation Fact Sheet. It includes many of the terms used in the fact sheet as well as in general video preservation literature.
Technical Glossary of Common Audiovisual Terms from ScreenSound Australia:
This audiovisual glossary, one of the most extensive on the web, can be browsed alphabetically or searched for specific terms.
Universal Preservation Format Glossary:
Developed in conjunction with the Universal Preservation Format, this glossary has cross-domain definitions of preservation terms and provides links to glossaries that have additional source information.


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