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Medium-Specific Links


American Library Association (ALA)—Audio Preservation PDF at /Preservation3/Audio_Preservation/audiopres.pdf
This 1998 report from the American Library Association covers the basics of audio preservation, including formats, storage, disaster recovery, and reformatting. The report lists a bibliography, relevant journals, and sound archives.
Association for Recorded Sound Collections (ARSC):
The ARSC is an international organization dedicated to all aspects of recorded sound. It holds conferences, publishes findings, and provides grants and awards to help develop and disseminate information in the field of sound media. A reprint of the 1959 Library of Congress document Preservation and Storage of Sound Recordings is available for purchase through their site.
CoOl: Preservation of Audio Materials:
A project of the Preservation Department of Stanford University Libraries, CoOl is a rich site of conservation/preservation information. Topics include audio materials, digital imaging, electronic materials, suppliers, and more. Links are grouped under the headings “Individuals & Organizations” and “Resources at Other Sites.”  CoOl’s audio tape preservation page not only contains links to pertinent overview articles (such as the Council on Library and Information Resources “Folk Heritage in Crisis” and the National Library of Canada’s guide to audio preservation), but also provides sources of information on standards, guidelines, practices, and format and sound history. This page has an extensive bibliographic resource section that includes both print and web sources.
ScreenSound Australia—How to Care for your Audio: ScreenSound/Screenso.nsf/allDocs/ RWPCB2BC597A0DB2AE8CA256B5D00152F37?OpenDocument
This compendium of international information on audio material covers basic topics such as storage and restoration. It also features a PDF on dealing with fire-damaged audio materials.
Vignettes Media :
This site’s section on tape restoration tips includes a guide to identifying tape formats, links to articles on common tape problems, and storage environment recommendations.



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