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Internet Resources


AMIA Storage Standards and Guidelines:
With links to the Library of Congress’ reports on Film Preservation and Television and Video Preservation, this section of AMIA’s web site includes the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) recommended standards for the extended storage of videotape.
The “Imaging Nuggets” section of Amigos Library Services—Imaging & Preservation Services
presents a brief discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of various storage media for digital images.
The storage/preservation section of the Digital Preservation Coalition is at

This section covers both the initial storage and maintenance of digital media and strategic approaches to long-term preservation.

Magnetic Tape Storage and Handling:
This 1995 report was a joint project of the Commission on Preservation and Access and the National Media Laboratory. It covers a variety of topics specific to magnetic media, including life expectancy, tape preservation strategies, and more.
The National Archives and Records Administration :
While not magnetic-media specific, this site includes a section on storage that covers facilities, environment, housing, handling, and time capsules.
ScreenSound Australia’s site at
contains an extensive Film Preservation Handbook, ScreenSound, that discusses both cold storage of film as well as how to prepare film for long-term storage. These sections include specific formulas as well as guidelines for preservation, including the Image Permanence Institute’s preservation index and time-weighted preservation index.
Video Preservation—The Basics, from the Experimental Television Center—Video History Project at
covers important storage aspects, such as temperature, humidity, shelving, containers, and a list of additional resources.
Newsletter 11 of Video Art/e-monitor:
is dedicated to storage recommendations and guidelines and explores the parameters of archival as well as accessible storage for video.



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