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Internet Resources

Treatment: Cleaning, Repair/Restoration, Remastering

AMIA fact sheet, “Reformatting for Preservation: Understanding tape formats and other conversion issues”
The fact sheets here include detailed procedural guidelines on reformatting tapes. Information on formats and conversion issues, including loss of compression and faithful reproduction, is especially helpful
Experimental Television Center—Video History Project’s Video Preservation—The Basics (section on Cleaning, Remastering, and Restoration)
This section offers an overview of cleaning and format issues, with useful links to additional information. It also briefly describes some of the nonprofit and commercial centers working in media preservation, and includes a brief bibliography.
Specs Bros:
Specs Bros. specializes in disaster recovery and restoration of archival tapes, with consulting services on archival management. Their web site offers a FAQ page (predominantly tape-based) followed by a few links. A brief page on preservation offers simple tests that warn of danger.
In the magnetic tape preservation section of their web site, Vidipax offers information on reformatting and restoring tape. Their reformatting fact sheet provides guidelines for deciding when to reformat, how to interpret signs of damage, choosing a preservation format, and the pros and cons of digital versus analog. A section on restoration briefly explains sticky-shed syndrome and its remedies. It also describes the method and benefits of hand-cleaning tape. An article bank covers topics such as introductory videotape restoration, a look at digitization, and how to care for videotapes.
Vignettes Media :
This site’s concise list under the heading “recommendations” provides straightforward suggestions and considerations about transferring tapes. It also has a link to the tape baking article by Eddie Ciletti entitled “If I Knew You Were Coming, I’d Have Baked a Tape.”



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