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Note: Listing of vendors or services on this web site does not represent an endorsement by IMAP.

Individual Consultants

Suzanne Quigley art & artifact services, LLC:
Based in New York, art & artifact services, LLC, offers consulting and hands on collections care, documentation and management services to artists, collectors, foundations, estates, museums, galleries and other entrepreneurial endeavors. Previous work as registrar at major NYC museums with contemporary art collections has informed Ms. Quigley's longstanding special interest in management, documentation and conservation Issues revolving around time-based media.


Amigos Library Services Imaging and Preservation Services:
A nonprofit, grant-funded service, Amigos provides preservation information, support, and training to librarians and archivists primarily in the Southwestern United States. Amigos Library Services provides preservation consulting services. Site surveys include analyses of building structures and environments, storage and exhibition areas, collection conditions, and preservation management.
Hollywood Vaults:
In addition to consultation on audiovisual storage facilities, which includes design and construction management, Hollywood Vaults offers off-site storage in climate-controlled environments. Their self-service vaults offer 24-hour access.
Specs Bros.:
Specs Bros. specializes in disaster recovery and restoration of archival tapes. Their consulting services include archival management, disaster planning, on-site evaluations, recovery cost estimates, and expert testimony. A brief page on preservation offers simple tests that warn of danger.
Vidipax :
In addition to audiotape and videotape restoration services, VidiPax Archival Management Consultation Services offers assistance in systemizing collections and answering collection storage and preservation questions. VidiPax consultants offer cataloging systems and assessment techniques developed by libraries and museums for collections of any size. Consulting services include inventory and cataloging, physical inspection, storage and security, and restoration and preservation advice.
WRS Motion Picture and Video Laboratory:
Dedicated to the restoration and preservation of film, audio, and video materials, WRS evaluates collections, assesses environmental effects, and determines the condition of audio, video and film materials. WRS offers testing, consulting, and a variety of restoration services proven to restore “unusable” tapes.

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