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Note: Listing of vendors or services on this web site does not represent an endorsement by IMAP.

Archive America:
With twenty locations in nine states, Archive America offers off-site storage facilities for magnetic media as well as film and sound archives. It also provides consulting services to help design and implement storage strategies.
Archive Corporation:
Archive Corporation offers magnetic-media storage in climate-controlled vaults where media is stored on tape-specific racking. Facilities are limited access.
Hollywood Vaults:
In addition to video/audio storage facilities consultation, which includes design and construction management, Hollywood Vaults offers off-site storage in climate-controlled environments. Their self-service vaults offer 24-hour access.
Iron Mountain
With 650 facilities in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Latin America, Iron Mountain offers a variety of storage options for film, sound, and digital archives. Their options for digital archives include long-term storage of electronic records with Internet-based access to and retrieval of records. They also offer restoration and cleaning services for videotapes.  Iron Mountain uses archival containers and supplies. Their sites are environmentally controlled and have video surveillance and 24-hour staffing.
Preferred Media:
With facilities in New York, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, and Sydney, Preferred Media offers environmental storage and inventory management of media assets. Storage facilities are environmentally controlled and secure and air-conditioned vehicles are used. They also offer low-temperature storage. Other storage services include identifying and cataloging assets, storing, tracking, receiving, dispatching, and web-based access and reporting on inventory.
WRS Motion Picture and Video Laboratory:
WRS offers vaults and storage services in two locations: Pittsburgh, PA, and Kearney, NJ. All vaults are fire-protected, with separate nitrate storage. They also offer film and tape inspection and reporting services. The Pittsburgh vault is environmentally controlled and maintained with Liebert computer environmental control units, in accordance with SMPTE, AIMA, and Kodak recommendations.



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