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Note: Listing of vendors or services on this web site does not represent an endorsement by IMAP.

Conservation Resources Limited:
A supplier of archival-quality audiotape and videotape cassette storage boxes, in addition to a wide range of archival papers. They have offices in both the U.K. and the United States.
Gaylord offers archival supplies, such as gloves and acid-free labels, as well as a wide range of acid-free containers for videotapes, audio cassettes and reels (which could also be used for film reels or 1/2” open reel video), film, and multimedia materials.
Hollywood Vaults:
The web site for this storage facility in Hollywood, California, has an extensive page of links to “Archival Storage & Packaging Supplies.”
Image Permanence Institute (IPI):
IPI at the Rochester Institute of Technology sells acid-detection strips (A-D strips) for measuring acetate film deterioration (also known as vinegar syndrome). Their web site also offers a downloadable preservation calculator for evaluating storage conditions (PC-compatible only).
Trak-R Logger:
This company sells and rents  data loggers for monitoring temperature and relative humidity.
University Products, Inc.:
This web site houses four different archival-related sites/companies (,,, and, listing sources of archival-quality audiotape and videotape storage boxes, archival papers, and other display supplies.  Catalogs may be requested via the web site.



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