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Note: Listing of vendors or services on this web site does not represent an endorsement by IMAP.

DC Video Post
provides transfer services from a wide range of formats, including obsolete formats such as 2” quad, 1/2” open reel, and 1/2” Betamax. Located in Burbank, CA.
Based in Idaho Falls, ID, Evertrue offers video and film-to-video transfer, transfer and digitization of old audio recordings (records, reel-to-reel, cassette), and audio restoration.
MercerMedia provides a wide range of audio and video services, including transfers and remastering for a variety of formats. In collaboration with the Standby Program, MercerMedia has begun Artstream, which provides artists and nonprofit organizations with access to high-quality streaming media solutions for audio, video, archives, and more.
MSE Media Solutions:
MSE’s videotape restoration services include consultation on options available. They also carry a wide range of professional videotape stock, as well as Mini DV digital videotape.
Specs Bros.:
Specs Bros. specializes in disaster recovery and restoration of archival tapes. Their archival restoration services include cleaning and inspection, master rejuvenation (tape restoration), treatment for binder hydrolysis, resizing/retentioning/crease removal, hub and shell repair, oxide readhesion (to halt oxide flaking) and remastering/duplication from a wide range of formats. Disaster Recovery services include chemical decontamination, fire restoration, and flood reclamation.
Vidipax offers videotape and audiotape restoration, as well as archival film-to-tape transfers. Vidipax can restore and transfer a wide range of obsolete formats, including 2” Quad, 2” Helical, 1/2” Open Reel, Betamax, and 3/4” U-Matic. It also offers disaster recovery, encoding, and a wide range of consulting services. The Vidipax web site contains resource links and videotape and audiotape format guides.
Vignettes Media:
In addition to extensive audiotape restoration services, Richard Hess of Vignettes Media also offers links to restoration facilities.
WRS Motion Picture and Video Laboratory:
Dedicated to restoration and preservation of film, audio, and video materials, this company’s services include processing to archival standards, digital audio restoration, conversion of nitrate film elements to safety base, and more. The Video Services page on this site offers links to a restoration site, library management site, and information on the care and handling of videotape and a fairly extensive glossary of video terms.



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